The Indian Wedding show began with the a simple impulse: to find use for the many elaborate, barely worn, formal outfits collecting dust from all the family weddings over the years.

Sunanda Sachatrakul and Amrita Dhaliwal met doing the 2017 CBS Diversity Showcase, where they quickly became friends and started collaborating. In March 2017, a mutual friend told them that Three Clubs in Hollywood was looking for unique shows and taking submissions. They sent a full proposal along, and suddenly, from their first brainstorm about the show (aka their closets) to a "yes" from Three Clubs, was less than 2 weeks! Before they realized it, they had their first show and have continued regular shows to sold out crowds, great audience reviews and stellar LA press. 

Sunanda's background in stand-up and sketch comedy, paired with Amrita's background in physical theater and clown, gives the show a unique feel, that leaves the audience captivated and coming back for more. Indian Wedding is an immersive theatrical show, staged as a traditional South Asian pre-wedding celebration, "the Sangeet." Every show features a different cast of preposterous comedic characters, story-tellers, musicians, dancers and other skill acts. 

And in March of 2017, Neal Dandade, who had been part of the show since the very beginning - portraying a crowd favorite, "drunk Cousin Neel" - joined the family! He brings a rich history of Second City sketch comedy along with his MFA in Writing for Screen and Stage from Northwestern University.

Between the three of them, the future of the Indian Wedding is limitless!